OffCircle AB — Om oss

OffCircle was founded in 2006. Since the beginning, gathering creative experts from different fields has made it possible for us to offer solutions to advanced technical problems and find new exciting ways to present information.
We call ourselves a problem-solving agency.

During the first years, a subsidiary called The Internet Institute existed (the business concept was review and quality assurance of web applications), but since January 2018, all operations have been merged into the company OffCircle AB.

OffCircle's founder, multi-tasker Simon Jensen, has previously taught programming at the University of Gothenburg. As a musician, he has released several albums in the genres jazz and folk rock, and he has written two critically acclaimed collections of poems. Today, he is a popular speaker and he also holds workshops for programming teachers. He is the author of the book C++ på riktigt, which is used in high schools and colleges. Simon is also the inventor of the dice game Inverted Dice. OffCircle has previously been granted innovation support from Almi and funding for film production from the Swedish Film Institute.

Over the years, we have built a broad network, and we collaborate with numerous professionals from several areas.

Do others say it's impossible? Ask us instead!

Phone: +46-(0)31 22 11 27.